Founder and CEO of Wealthberg Real Estate, Wealthberg Real Estate Investments, Real Estate Education Academy, and Wealthberg Financial Services, Yolanda M. Wealthberg first entered the real estate market at the young age of 18. She had an insatiable desire to learn and a commitment to provide a unique yet superior product for her clients. Yolanda now owns and operates one of the leading residential and commercial real estate sales, leasing, management, development, education, and financial companies across the nation.


Licensed since 1995, Yolanda has helped her clients successfully grow their real estate investment portfolios while providing an unparalleled perspective on the local real estate market. When asked about her success, Yolanda replied “It’s quite simple- treat client investments like it’s our own.”  “I wanted to build a company that felt like a family”

Yolanda is passionate about her work, articulate when explaining market trends, and always courteous to clients, colleagues and employees. Yolanda provides the one thing in which there is no substitute … experience.


Under Yolanda’s leadership, Wealthberg employees and hundreds of sales professionals service several states across the nation. Yolanda and her team provide expert advice on a multitude of residential and commercial investments. These include multi-family apartments, office, retail, industrial, land, condominiums, hotels and restaurants, as well as other business opportunities.


As a single parent, active community member and Connecticut native, Yolanda’s passionate and amiable nature is demonstrated outside of the office as well. She is the founder of Woman Survival, a regular donor for charitable causes and a dedicated volunteer to several non-profit organizations. Because of Yolanda’s generosity, it is easy to see why she has so many loyal and longstanding employees. 

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