Let’s get your home listed and sold for top dollar, quickly!
Come learn everything you need to know about selling a home!

If you are looking to sell your home and don’t know where to begin, you should attend this Free seminar before putting
your home on the market. Moving Up? Downsizing? This seminar will help you learn how to maximize your bottom line
and get your home sold quickly. This is your chance to learn the new ways to sell your home to maximize your sale price.
With recent market improvements, sellers now have the opportunity to take advantage of the market and maximize
the sale price of their home. But there are several key steps in the home marketing & selling process to learn to do just that.
Get educated in a casual, fun setting and avoid the pitfalls that can cause financial and emotional problems during the
selling process.

We’ll help you get answers to questions like these:
• Do I need to sell before I buy? Or do I buy before I sell? How can I sell when I don’t have a place to go yet?
• What do I need to do to get my home ready to go on the market? What can I skip?
• Should I install new carpet or give a credit to the buyer so they can choose their own carpeting?
• Does staging really matter? What does it cost?
• Are there people who can help me organize?
• How much of a mortgage do I qualify for?
• How much will my home sell for?
• I know we need to update the kitchen, but how much do we really need to do and who do we call?
• And LOTS more!


• Pricing your home strategically to attract buyers and net you top dollar
• How a buyer’s financing affects your bottom line
• Why staging is so important to the selling process
• Which repairs/upgrades you should consider
• Why having a home inspection is a good idea
• Plus much more!

***Note: If you cannot make one of our scheduled seminars, we are more than happy to meet for coffee and do a quick, no obligation overview with you. Just choose that option when you register or call our office to schedule the appointment. Wealthbergs Real Estate
Experts will get your home ready, listed and sold for top asking price in record time. Our friendly team of Real Estate experts will work
with you throughout the process to ensure you are comfortable and knowledgeable during the phases of your home sale. Feel free
to contact us with any questions you may have or request a no obligation consultation, and let’s get your home listed. We can also
help you find your next new home during the process of selling for a smooth transition!