Our local partners and Mortgage Lenders

Here’s a list of local partners with Wealthberg Real Estate. If you are a Seller or Buyer and are looking for services that you will be needing, this page will be of great assistance’s for you.  Over the years, we are in contact with these service provides and recommend their trusted services.  If you need any help leading up to your move, please don’t hesitate to give us a call at any of our offices.

Local Lenders Talking to a lender about your interest in purchasing a home is the most important first step to take.  The local lenders that live and work in our community can be of great assistant to you.  It’s most important to have a pre-approval letter from them when making an offer.  This shows the seller that you have done your home work and you are qualified to purchase the home.  It doesn’t take to long to do it either.  If your credit score is lower than what you thought it is, they can help give you advice to improve your score to get a better interest rate.  The better your credit score, the better interest rate you will have.  Check out our local partners.